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Add News Feeds to Your Website
Major Content Aggregators:

Please consider using our full-text RSS 2.0 news feed. The "clean feed" has no inline images, anchor links, bolds, italics, which may be found in our normal feeds, and is ideal to use in lieu of our old NewsML format push. Our full text feed is free and comes in two versions: 1) with opening/closing paragraph tags, and 2) no paragraph tags, only double line breaks between paragraphs.

1) clean RSS:

2) clean RSS, enclosed with <p> tags.

Simple to use
You can easily add our FREE news headlines and/or summaries to your business site, blog, social network portal, or aggregation system simply by copy-pasting a block of code into your template; or if you use WordPress as your CMS, download an easy-to-use plug-in (tested up to WordPress 2.6.3).

Choose from popular news categories like books, internet, medical, music, software, and travel (and many more!). You can even choose news for a regional portal, such as California, or Florida; or major metro area like Los Angeles or Miami.

Advanced users and content syndicates
For advanced users with content conversion applications (RSS2HTML, AutoBlogger, etc.), you may also pull our "full text" RSS 2.0 feed(s), which have the complete stories, not just the summary. This allows you to build out full article pages on your site (subject to our attribution requirements).

Our full-text news can also be found in several popular media systems like BlogBurst, Voxant/TheNewsRoom, and FeedBurner; clipping services like CyberAlert; and story summaries can also be found in Google News, InBoxRobot, etc.

Quality news source
Send2Press® Newswire is a first-class news service which originates its own business, entertainment, and technology news; we do not copy news from other sources and we turn away content we consider to be nothing more than "news spam." This means the news which appears on your site when using our "feeds" is of very high quality, edited by professional journalists and public relations (PR) experts.

Send2Press is a unit of Neotrope®, an entertainment publishing, PR and content development company, established January of 1983. To learn more about our paid services, see: www.Send2Press.com.
Use WordPress plug-in to add custom news to your blog Use full-text RSS 2.0 feeds on your site
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